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Connecting Opto 22 Products

How to Connect & Control Opto 22 Products from LabVIEW Using Opto 22 OPC Server & NI OPC Client

  B&A Engineering principal engineer Ali Bakhshi wrote a paper regaurding how to connect to the Opto 22 products using the Opto 22 server that hereinafter reffered to as OPC Server, and the labVIEW OPC client. He wrote the paper becuase he was given a test instrumentation hardware with the requirment to create a monitoring and data acquisition application using LabVIEW. To read more about the article click on the link below. How to connect to the Opto 22 products Paper.pdf
Introduction Today’s industrial control/automation, monitoring/data acquisitionor test instrumentation,are complex and may include hardware and software coming from various sourcesrequired to communicate and operate as a single unit. Not long ago I was given such TestInstrumentation hardware with therequirement to create a monitoring and data acquisition application usingLabVIEW.This paper describes how to connect theOpto 22 products using the Opto 22 Server, hereinafter referred to as OPC Server,and the LabVIEWOPC client, hereinafter referred to OPC Client. This paper is not meant to be a detailed user guide for configuringvarious software components.Instead the focus is on the overall process,and it is meant to be a “big picture”type view of the process.Opto 22 manufactures controllers, I/O, solid-state relays, and software products used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. LabVIEWis the standard National Instrument (NI) product used to create custom applications whichinteract with real-world data,or signals,in fields such as science and engineering. The acronym, OPC stands forthe following: O =Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) which is used for PC = Process Control. The OPC enables communication among various units through what is know as network tags.

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