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B&A Engineering Inc. was founded as a small business and was incorporated in August 2000. B&A is a vibrant, growing business with its primary focus and core business centered on developing electronic designs. We have expanded our electronic design services into various industries. B&A Engineering Inc. has highly-qualified engineers and capable staff to collaborate directly with clients when developing systems from its initial concept to its final testing, system verification, environmental quality testing, and final implementation.

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  1. We want to be a major contributor in a world where space exploration does not end at the solar system but begins from it
  2. We aspire to be a major part in design and engineering of next phases of space exploration.


B&A mission is to continue the pursuit of excellence in every facet of our business. We understand the highly sensitive and demanding nature of space exploration and will continue to provide peak performance Flight Hardware and apt services in the most opportune time. We are driven by our curiosity and passion and revered for our professionalism and tenacity. We firmly believe the key to our growth is diversity of thought, relentless pursuit of excellence, responsible engineering and metric based approach to evaluating our performance.


B&A Engineering Inc. excels at resolving major challenges in space flight and avionics instrumentation.


B&A Engineering is ISO 9001:2015 Certified giving you the peace of mind that we are a valuable member of your team.


B&A Engineering has a long history of contributing and publishing as thought leaders in our areas of expertise.

Company history at a glance

Our core business centers around space flight, avionics systems, and instrumentation while we often tackle projects outside that core. B&A engineering was founded in 1988 and consistently develops high performance products & extreme engineering designs.

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1988 - Founding

1- Started part time to do System design and Integration 2- Set up computer systems 3- Assembled computers 4- Developed DB application software 5- Setup business software applications. Designed the first FPGA in 1988 using the first generation of Xilinx FPGAs.

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1996 - Electronic Hardware Design

1- Started electronic hardware design 2- Received contract from Teledyne controls and designed an PC ISA switching plug in card. 3- Second contract from Teledyne controls was to design Avionic Test equipment using Colorado Data Systems (CDS) – No longer in business 4- Started contract with JPL designing FPGA for space applications using ACTEL FPGA 5- Started designing Radiation hardened digital electronics

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1997 - Received NOVELL certification

1- Started NOVELL network computer setup 2- Increased sales three-fold setting up network systems using NOVEL and Window 95

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Incorporation - First Employees

2000 1- WINDOW small business network software took over and slowly start to take over NOVEL network software and B&As network business died out. 2- Concentrated mainly on doing contract work for JPL designing Radiation hardened FPGAs and digital and analog electronics 2006- Hired the first two employees (student interns) – Later on converted one of the student interns to full time engineer 1- Converted the garage into an office 2- Started system integration and testing 3- Started electronic prototyping

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Moved to a 1000 square foot facility in San Dimas

1- Company sales for the first time went over 1M+ 2- Main business was FPGA and electronic board design, mainly for Space applications

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Partnerships and Alliances

1- Became National Instrument (NI) associate alliance partner 2- Setup the first NI PXIe chassis on a 25K loan from SBA 3- Started prototyping using LabVIEW FPGA 4- Investing in NI started to pay off and several contracts for LabVIEW FPGA prototyping

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Expanded into LabVIEW and started test equipment development using NI hardware and software. Moved to Costa Mesa, CA from San Dimas to a 2000 square foot facility

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ISO-9001 Certification

1- Received ISO-9001 certification 2- Started the Mechanical engineering team 3- Added Mechanical design and provided turn key Mechanical-Electronic solutions including custom Test equipment chassis and full electronic ground support equipment test equipment

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More Expansion

2017 – Added another 1000 square foot to expand the manufacturing facility 1- Because Silver NI alliance partner 2- Received small business STAR award from JPL 2019 – Added another 3,500 square facility to house the new employees and expand the manufacturing facilities to include the rack integration, SMT machine, CNC machine and Cable testers

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